Soccer’s Women’s History Month Spotlight: Erin Webb

COLUMBIA, Mo. – As March is a celebration of Women’s History Month, the University of Missouri soccer program is taking the time to honor some of the most impactful players in the program’s history, both on and off the field.

Since the start of the Mizzou soccer program in 1996, it has been home to some of the best athletes in MU history, bringing about conference championships and NCAA Tournament appearances in the team’s 27-year existence. Here is one of the numerous stars who has made Mizzou soccer what it is today.

Erin Webb played soccer at Mizzou from 2013-2017, where she participated 76 career games with 60 starts. Webb had a career-high four assists her senior season (2016) and earned the SEC Community Service Award that year. 

 “Mizzou has helped make me into the person I am today,” said Webb. “You can come from anywhere and come to Mizzou and succeed.”

Winning the SEC Community Service Award is an important part of her experience as a student-athlete and made her realize that you can impact lives through other avenues than soccer.

When asked about her inspiration, Webb said, “The woman that inspired me the most during my time at Mizzou was Alyssa Diggs. She was a senior on the team when I was a freshman. During my first week of summer workouts, she took me to Chipotle for lunch.  Still to this day, it has a special place in my heart and as the years went on, I tried to “take care” of a freshman or underclassman like she did.”

“The impact I hope I left behind is that I was someone that cared about everyone, and that I lead by example,” added Webb. “I hope no matter if you were my teammate for four years or if you are the class of ’23 and beyond, anyone can reach out to me for help, advice, or a friend.”

Since graduating, Webb has moved to Austin, Texas to become the co-founder of Rise FC, a women’s semi-professional soccer team that is starting play in the WPSL in the summer of 2023.  She also works for FinancialForce, a software technology company.  

This article is provided by University of Missouri Athletics
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