Zimmer Radio Stations Raise Honor Flight of the Ozarks Record $35,870

Thanks to the generous donations of our listeners, the Honor Flight of the Ozarks Radiothon has raised a record $35,870 to send our veterans to Washington, D.C.

“That is an Honor Flight of the Ozarks record,” said Mike Totten, Public Relations Director for the Honor Flight of the Ozarks.

The radiothon, which aired on 93-3 A-M 560 KWTO, began at 6 a.m. Friday and went until 6:10 p.m.

It featured live, in studio and recorded interviews with veterans and honor flight reps, including Mike Totten, Chris Nattinger, Pete Rothrock, Rosie Reid, Dr. Tom Lewis, Jack Hamlin, Dale and Bob Dothage, Dave Thater, David Snider, Mike Williamson, Gerald Harris, Pete Rothrock, Jeff Jones, Ned Reynolds, Jim Turney, and Miles Sweeney,

On behalf of Honor Flight of the Ozarks and all our veterans, Thank You!Edit

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