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This is a myopic viewpoint I will admit. And a viewpoint that might be strongly criticized in some circles. And that I accept… it certainly won’t be the first time. But this reporter is more than just a bit disturbed by Major League Baseball’s decision to yank the mid-summer All Star Game from the city of Atlanta because of a recent legislative decision regarding voters’ rights in Georgia.

From a personal standpoint, I don’t give a blast where the All Star classic is staged just as long as the annual seasonal rite is contested. It wasn’t last year because of the pandemic. But to remove Atlanta’s role as host city for reasons solely based on a political issue is NOT the primary focal point of Major League Baseball, in my opinion.

“Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box,” is the seemingly pious but somewhat counter intuitive statement by the Commissioner of MLB, Rob Manfred, himself the creator of several exceedingly odd decisions altering the nature of and the playing of this game many of us cherish.

I, and others, have absolutely no issue with the doctrine of rights for all. After all, the Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guarantees the voting rights for ALL and there are some of us who swore an oath to defend the constitution when we joined the Armed Forces of the United States.

However, will the decision to remove the baseball classic from Atlanta call attention to the controversy in the Peach State? Probably, but quite likely, in a negative manner as well.

Many of the national sports journalists have penned stories in favor of the decision and decried the political stances being taken by some state legislators. But this lonely voice in the Ozarks wilderness respectively refutes those opinions, not the challenging of the issues, but the manner being espoused by the so called authorities in which public division results at a time when we all desperately crave unity.

There are a myriad of other methods for expressing disenchantment with the controversial decisions, methods which will effectively allow those in disagreement to have their collective voices resonate across the land.

But, in my opinion, disrupting a sports event and “punishing” a city which would have received an economic boost in a host’s role, is hardly a positive and reassuring balm to an already fragmented society.

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  1. I would ask this. To all of you who disagree with Ned and say MLB did the right thing, I’d ask this. Did you take time to sit down and read the legislation Gov Kemp signed into law? If you are honest and said no I’d ask this. Please go read it. Truth be told it will take about 15-20 minutes. You may want to read it twice. Nothing has changed. Polls are NOT closing at 5pm like Biden said. You can drink water if you are in a line. The thing that has upset democrats is they NOW HAVE to show an ID to vote. Most states already have that. So why not make it a law. That way your vote counts 1 time. There can not be a well you already voted across town and you can’t vote again. You have to NOW show an ID to vote. That is the only change you are going to see.

    The problem in Atlanta revolves are Stacie Abrams. She used Fulton county school buses to drive on the south side and pick up black voters and they was taken to vote and brought back. ( she didn’t drive but they hired 15 buses and drivers. They used public school buses which is not legal.

    Remember Delta’s home is Atlanta.
    Cokes home is Atlanta
    Home Depot’s home is Atlanta

    They in Fulton county are 90% black and they are mainly living in Fulton county. It’s not said like that but to keep employees happy those businesses have to support the majority of the population and that is blacks. They let skin color dictate what they did.

    I know Arthur Blank is NOT in support of the moving of the all star game. But he owns the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United and Home Depot. He supports all and I was told he does NOT support moving the all star game.

    Georgia has been trying to turn into a blue state for the past 6 years really hard. Stacie Abrams has been upset since Kemp beat her out 3 years ago as Governor. She swore to get revenge. Her sister is a judge in Fulton county and that’s allowing her to get away with crap. She has used public busses and money to hire people to drive and bring bus loads of voters and in GA you did NOT have to show an id to vote. I know, I lived there at that time.

    My point is the BILL is only about showing an ID and Biden has been lying through his teeth on what the bill states. Don’t listen to Biden. Don’t listen to me. Just go read it and you can see it for yourself. Keep politics out of sports.

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