Super Bowl Predictions

The Kansas City Chiefs are fighting for their second-straight Super Bowl Championship trophy on Sunday. The AFC Champions are coming to Tampa Bay with an overall record of 14-2 and the Champions of the NFC, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, hold an 11-5 record.

The most current predictions have a -3 point spread in favor of the Chiefs. Meaning, the people in Vegas have the Chiefs as the favored team winning by more than three points.

Here are the predictions from our various sports junkies on staff:

Matt Frizzell: Producer of Sports Reporters

Kansas City 30-24. Tampa Bay’s defense keeps it close throughout, but Kansas City’s offense will be too much to handle. Buccaneers will “Walk the Plank” in the Super Bowl.   

Tom Ladd: Operations Manager & voice of the Lady Bears

I predict Kansas City winning 38 to 29. The Chiefs have too many offensive weapons and are playing tight defensively during the playoffs.  The new King (Mahomes) overtakes the old King (Brady) in Florida.

Ned Reynolds: Host of Sports Reporters

Chiefs 33, Tampa Bay 31. There will be a lot of offense going on and I have the Chiefs prevailing.  

Don Louzader: News Director

I’ve got the Chiefs winning 30-27. Patrick Mahomes will connect with Travis Kelce for two touchdowns, but the game will come down to the leg of Harrison Butker, whose 47 yard field goal in the final minute wins it for K.C. 

Art Hains: Host of Sports Talk & voice of the Bears

I think the pass rushes on both sides will hold the score down a bit more than you’d think with these explosive offenses. Chiefs defense picks Brady a couple of times and Mahomes Magic rules, 30-24.

Jason Wert: Producer of Sports Talk

Kansas City 35, Tampa Bay 33. Chiefs will strike early and often…likely up 21 at the half.  Brady will attempt come back magic and fall short.

Jenny James: Social Media Specialist

Chiefs!! Mahomes is going to go off because he still has the memory of the 2019 AFC Championship overtime loss engrained in his brain and because he has way more offensive weapons. Chiefs prevail 36-24.

Isaiah Faughn: Marketing Consultant

Chiefs baby!  Tom Brady has made it clear in previous comments that Mahomes is the heir apparent to the new GOAT status, and Mahomes is hungry! Chiefs 34-30

Nate Lucas: Host of Springfield’s Happy Hour

Tampa Bay 34, Kansas City 31. Some teams are just destined to win a championship. That’s how I feel about the Bucs. Tom Brady knocked off the Bears, then wiped out Drew Brees before ultimately slashing Aaron Rodgers and the Packers at Lambeau. He’s on a mission for his seventh ring, determined to prove he was “The Patriot Way”, and bury any thought Bill Belichick reigned superior. Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time, and the entire team has bought into his philosophy. I could write a million reasons why the Chiefs should win the game, but I don’t bet with my heart.

Tim Jones: Host of Wake Up Springfield

Kansas City Chiefs: 31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 28. Even though Tom Brady is arguably the greatest NFL quarterback of all time, if I don’t pick the Chiefs, someone may lock me in the basement! If the Chiefs do pull off a victory, we will be witnessing a generational changing of the guard between two of the best QB’s…ever.

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