Reynolds Raps

By: Ned Reynolds

I’m certain there’s a sharing of anguish, sorrow, and overwhelming disappointment in the events of recent days. Events that have shaken the very foundations on which our core beliefs in being an American are based.

Disobedience of this nature is NOT how we were raised. It is NOT how we were taught to present a level of dissent. It is NOT an accepted manner of protest despite the intense passion one might feel for a perceived injustice.

Yes, we all have felt the sting of disappointment both individually and in a mass setting. But resorting to violence and virtual insurrection to display displeasure with one’s differences in a final result is just plain wrong. And that’s wrong in every circumstance.

Maybe we can all relearn some of the basic elements of civics. Of, what’s this? Civics isn’t taught at many levels anymore? Well, the time has come for a crash course in how American government works and what our responsibilities as citizens should be. And they are basics of our residence in this nation that should be cherished and defended.

In my opinion, one of the principle degrees of misunderstanding in our society, is the taking for granted of so many facets in our lifestyle. That’s known as “entitlement” and, as a result, there are many millions of us who aren’t willing to contribute the effort to better situations, but rather resort to the basest of instincts to tear down, wreck, destroy and then depart chuckling with the attitude of “see what I’ve done.”

Try that attitude in the world of athletics and see how many victories are gained. There won’t be any because selfish, narcissistic, egotistical behavior is a one way ticket to a lifetime of defeats.

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