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So with only the National Championship game remaining to be contested on January 11th, much of this historic 2020/2021 college football season, overcoming dire predictions of doom and disaster, has reached what this reporter considers to be a successful conclusion.

It’s necessary to emphasize the fact we are only a relatively short time frame removed from embarking on a COVID-19 forced “new” season starting in late February, an abbreviated campaign involving NCAA governed FCS colleges and those belonging to Division II.

In the case of the Missouri State Bears, all the games will be within the Missouri Valley Conference and it starts on February 20th with a trip to Grand Forks, North Dakota and an opening contest with league newcomer the University of North Dakota.

But returning to the original paragraph of this brief treatise, the naysayers of the world were overwhelmingly in evidence in their condemnation of various league plans to continue a fall football season in 2020. The opinion based articles trumpeted the threats of COVID virus disasters and a looming athletic apocalypse that could leave the sports world in tatters.

But three of the so called Power Five Conferences chose to formulate what they felt would be a successful plan and when the other two, the Big 10 and the Pac 12 realized they’d be outside looking in, changed their collective minds and restarted their seasons at later dates.

Of course there were hiccups. Everyone knew there would be considering the rigid standards prescribed for preserving everyone’s safety. But with everything being considered, I felt that nothing short of an athletic miracle resulted and a winning and much needed (for the country’s psychological benefit) boost was accomplished.

Thanks players, teams and school officials at all levels (colleges and high schools included), you gave us hope and a reprieve from a year of ponderous pressures.

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