Reynolds Raps

By: Ned Reynolds

It’s likely there’s nearly full agreement that this holiday season has been the most unusual in our lifetime. I know it has been in my perception and I’m probably older than most of you who have given me the honor of reading these thoughts.

This most un-welcomed guest COVID-19, which arrived in our midsts like some invisible terrorist early in March, has succeeded in disrupting our collective lifestyles and has had a large negative economic impact.

While this holiday celebration has been generally muted, the universal theme remains intact and hopefully always will, “peace on earth and good will towards men.” That was the heralding message from the chorus of angels as recorded in the Book of Luke, chapter 2 verse 14.

Yes, it’s a praise trumpeted at virtually every Christmas pageant and sung by millions around the world. And it usually results in good feelings and amiable relationships…. for a little while. But then what happens?

Use some introspection and examine yourself. This angelically proclaimed doctrine is hardly some meaningless pronouncement to be dredged to the surface every Christmas season and automatically recited because it’s tradition. Hardly! It’s a pledge for all of us to do better. Improve ourselves and create positive and lasting circumstances in our society.

There was a myriad of times in the past year of the pandemic when frustration gripped all of us and resulted in strife, turmoil, disruption, bitterness and a human condition that doesn’t represent us. That’s not how most of us were taught to behave and interact. That’s a foreign philosophy to be abandoned forever.

Instead, let’s strive to follow a winner’s creed, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

It’s then that we will all have stepped into the winner’s circle.

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