Reynolds Raps

By: Ned Reynolds

So, one’s first thoughts on glimpsing at my attempt at authoring this mindset is, “who’s Ned Reynolds AND who cares?” That’s a perfectly acceptable level of criticism because there’s no specific set of values that would offer my thoughts as being superior to yours or anyone else’s.

My world of communications for the past 60 plus years has been in both radio and television broadcasting. So, embarking on the world of “blogdom,” which I initially thought might be some manner of Middle Earth concoction from a J.K. Rowling Harry Potter novel, is a first for this old man and might require patience from both readers and fellow workers.

Those with whom I’m acquainted are undoubtedly saying, “what’s this? Reynolds writing a blog on social media? The apocalypse has arrived.” And considering all we’ve been through in the convoluted year 2020, they wouldn’t be in error.

I will admit to a reluctance to trudge into the elevated state of rapid communications, but it’s now evident that the so called “social media” is here to stay and has developed into an accepted level of communicating, although I will offer the argument that credibility, or more appropriately lack of, creates a distinct difficulty in applying alleged facts to specific items and events of public interest.

But the world and our lives evolve with every rotation of the globe and adjustments, virtually every day, are a must. I am concerned that this rush to be ahead of the field could result in a failure to recognize the importance of historical impact on the future and that can’t be allowed to happen.

Enough of the philosophy. Sports is my field and in the ensuing blogs, sports (well maybe other subjects on occasion) is what we’ll address.

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